Visual Art

I work as a fine art photographer and like to experiment with this medium. I am inspired by an alternative reality in daily life that reveals itself for a moment before it disappears. I am interested in these small moments that I try to capture with my camera, although it is a futile game.

I believe that everything that exists is only possible because it is enclosed by the space between things, the silence between sounds and the invisible in light. This in-between is more than what it appears to be. It has the power to express itself through matter. That what is, is at the same time no more.

Matter is a provisional manifestation of energy. If the energy is released from the matter, there is no place, no form, no identity any more. This is what quantum physics teaches us.

We live in a world of constant change. Everything happens, nothing is at is seems. The world is made of events, not things. Everything is in motion and relationship to each other.

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